A Home Away from Home: Konsalz's Essential Picks for Every International Student's Dorm



Starting your studies abroad? It's thrilling but can also feel like a huge leap. Setting up a new home away from home isn't always easy. That's where Konsalz's Essentials steps in. Designed for international students, our collection makes your move smooth, stylish, and stress-free. Dive in and discover how we make foreign feel familiar.

Why Konsalz's Essentials?

The transition to university life in a new country requires more than just academic preparation. It's about creating a personal space that offers comfort, convenience, and a touch of home. Konsalz's Essentials collection is curated with the needs of international students in mind, ensuring they have everything they need as they move into their university dorm or apartment.


Dive into the Collection

1. All-in-One Essentials:

Starting at $329.00 AUD, this comprehensive kit is designed to cater to all your basic needs. From bedding to kitchenware, it ensures that students have a seamless transition into their new living spaces.

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2.  Kitchen Essentials:

Priced at $159.00 AUD, this set is perfect for those who love to cook or simply want to enjoy home-cooked meals. Equip your kitchen with all the necessary tools and utensils to whip up your favourite dishes.

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3. Bedroom and Bathroom Essentials:

Starting from $199.00 AUD, this kit combines the essentials for both the bedroom and bathroom. Experience comfort in your personal space and maintain hygiene with top-notch bathroom accessories.




New country, familiar comforts. Shop Bedroom & Bathroom Essentials

Benefits of Choosing Konsalz

Free Shipping: Budgeting is crucial for students, and Konsalz understands that. Enjoy free shipping site-wide and save those extra dollars for other essentials.

Customer-Centric Approach: With dedicated sections for customer care, terms and conditions, shipping policy, and more, Konsalz prioritizes its customers, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. 


Studying abroad is a significant milestone, and setting up your new space should be the least of your worries. With Konsalz's Essentials collection, international students can focus on their academic and cultural journey, knowing that their living spaces are well-equipped and comfortable.

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